Literacy tasks

Building students’ academic literacy requires effective integration of appropriate reading and writing tasks with content area instruction. Inspired and informed by the work of the Literacy Design Collaborative, the Dana Center has created science-focused template tasks to explicitly connect core science content to important literacy proficiencies. These science template tasks were built from the scientific and engineering practices and the crosscutting concepts identified in A Framework for K–12 Science Education. When filled in, these templates become teaching tasks that create opportunities for teaching literacy skills in science coursework.

Included here is an initial draft of several template tasks for science as well as sample teaching tasks for elementary, middle, and high school. As you use these tasks, please share your feedback so that we may continue to improve the collection of tasks.

For more information on these tasks, please contact Shelly LeDoux at or Kathi Cook at     

Student Scientific and Engineering Practices literacy task samples

Student Crosscutting Concepts literacy task samples