Formative Assessment Tools and Tasks: Algebra

More than a decade ago, the Charles A. Dana Center began work on collections of assessment tasks that could be used by teachers at many grade levels to enable them to assess student learning continually as they enacted mathematics instruction. These assessments, developed in collaboration with mathematics educators, are designed to make clear to teachers, students, and parents what is being taught and learned about the most central mathematical concepts at each grade or in each course. Published by the Dana Center as a series of books, these collections of assessments eventually encompassed tasks for middle school, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.

These tasks have been used and tested by tens of thousands of educators and their students. Now the Dana Center has published a selection of algebra-focused tasks in a new format: Algebra Formative Assessments Across the TEKS, a series of four books spanning content from middle school through Precalculus. To support the implementation of the new mathematics TEKS, the Dana Center is pleased to make available through this site sample tasks from the first book in this series.

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Student Algebra Formative Assessments Across the TEKS sample